Midsomer Solartech specialise in Solar Photo Voltaic energy systems and have successfully supplied many homes with solar panels in Wiltshire, Somerset and throughout the South West.

Solar energy has become an increasingly popular choice due to its environmentally friendly nature. Solar power can help to reduce energy consumption and in turn lower your carbon footprint.

Solar PV Somerset

The Solar Feed-In Tariff

In a bid to encourage more people to make use of renewable energy in the UK, the government have established a policy called the ‘Feed-In Tariff’ which benefits those who have a solar energy system installed by rewarding them for the amount of energy produced via their system.

Rather than offering an initial grant towards the cost of installation, the Feed-In Tariff will instead recompense you a small fee for every unit of energy generated. The national grid will then also buy back any unused energy from you.

How Does the Feed-In Tariff Work?

The Feed-In Tariff is overseen by Ofgem who ensure that a fixed fee is paid out to you by your electricity company for every kilowatt of electricity you generate and use within your home. There is then an additional fixed fee for every kilowatt hour you sell back to the grid. Backed by the government this incentive is fixed for 20 years.

If you need to make use of any additional power (for example at night time when solar energy is unavailable) you are still free to buy electricity from your usual provider, however as you will be using so much less than normal this will be minimal.

To maximise the benefits from your Solar PV system try to live an energy efficient lifestyle, which includes running dishwashers, washing machines and other electrical appliances during the daytime.

Solar PV Somerset

Solar PV Somerset