Solar Panels & Renewables

Midsomer Solartech specialise in solar panels & renewables – Solar Photo Voltaic energy systems and have successfully supplied many homes with solar panels in Wiltshire, Somerset and throughout the South West.

Solar energy has become an increasingly popular choice due to its environmentally friendly nature. Solar power can help to reduce energy consumption and in turn lower your carbon footprint.

Solar PV for domestic installations

Over 900,000 homes across the UK alredy benefit fom clean affordable solar power.

A Solar Photovoltaic module ( PV Panel) absorbs and converts sunlight into electricity, the pv panels dont need direct sunlight and will still work on a cloudy day.

You do not need planning permission to install solar unless you live in a listed building. However in conservation areas or World Heritage sites, the equipment must be installed on the roof, not on a wall that would be visible from the highway.

The solar PV panels can be installed in or on a pitched roof or using ballasted tubs on to a flat roof pictures of all these installation methods are shown below.

Increasingly, consumers are are choosing to compliment their solar PV installation with battery storage as it can improve the performance by capturing surplus power and saving it.

Another device on the market to help use all of the power generated is an immersion heater diverter which sends excesss power to heat your immersion tank.

The Benefits of Installing Solar PV include the following:

  • Reduce your electricity bills
  • Cut Your Carbon Foot Print
  • Low Maintenance
  • Invest in the future and reduce your reliance on the National Grid
  • Store excess energy

You could earn money on the electricity you produce by selling excess energy back to the grid using the Smart Export Guarantee

Solar Panels & Renewables 10kw solar system at Flourish Food Hall
10kw solar system at Flourish Food Hall

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