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Heat Pumps can be used to provide either heating or cooling for a range of devices including underfloor heating, refrigeration units and air conditioners. They are considered to be an environmentally friendly option as they can reduce your carbon footprint and also lower your fuel bills.

If you are looking to have a heat pump installed at your property, Midsomer Solartech can offer a complete package- taking care of a project from design through to commissioning. This includes the supply of all necessary equipment, ground works, pipe work and wiring. Alternatively we are happy to liase with and advise other contractors that may be involved. Heat pumps tend to fall into one of two categories- air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps.

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Air to Water Heat Pumps

Air to Water heat pumps are used to provide heat through your wet central heating system. They distribute heat at lower temperatures over a longer period of time than conventional boilers.

An air to water system will absorb and extract heat from the air outside your home, regardless of how cool it may feel outside. The heat they absorb is then amplified and used to heat the water in your system, supplying radiators and underfloor heating with the heat it needs.

Air to water heat pumps can typically provide more than 4 kilowatts of heat per 1 kilowatt of power (known as a CoP of over 4) and are a popular replacement for oil and gas fired boilers or electric night storage systems.

Air to Air Heat Pumps

Air to air heat pumps are more commonly used for warm air systems within the home as well as for air conditioning units, but they cannot provide hot water for radiators or other water systems.

The air to air pump will absorb heat from outside which can then be circulated throughout the home via fans, or used to power the air con system which cools the home in a similar fashion.

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Ground Source Heat Pumps or GSHP absorb their heat from the ground as opposed to the air. They are buried in the garden, as the earth is capable of storing solar energy from the sun. Regardless of the temperature on the surface, the ground a few metres down tends to keep a fairly constant temperature of around 11-12C at all times of year.

GSHP’s are used to heat or cool the air as well as for domestic hot water systems and can generate around 3 or 4 units of heat per single unit of power used.

A Ground Source Heat Pump will usually be roughly the size of a household refrigerator and will comprise of 3 main elements:

Ground Loop

The ground loop is the main circuit used to absorb the heat from the ground. It will involve a length of pipe which can be buried either vertically or horizontally depending on your site. A water and antifreeze mixture will then be pumped around the pipe absorbing heat from the ground around it.

Heat Pump

The heat pump itself uses an evaporator to take the heat from the water in the ground loop. It then uses a compressor to compress the refrigerant to the temperature required by the system. Finally a condenser will dispense the heat into the relevant distribution system within your property. it.

Heat Distribution System

This would be the system through which the heat is dispensed into your house- be it a radiator, underfloor heating or water storage system.